The 6 T's can help you fall asleep quickly and peacefully, according to scientists

Apparently it works every time...

The internet speed where you live in North Wales - and how it compares to other places

Ofcom has published a report on the state of broadband coverage in Wales

Tyra Banks' unbelievable physique wows fans as she poses in hot pants in nostalgic photo

Dancing with the Stars host Tyra Banks took to Instagram to share an incredible throwback photo of herself posing in tiny shorts and a crop top

10 ways COVID-19 changed the world

The illness has affected nearly every aspect of life.

Phoebe Burgess celebrates daughter Poppy's lavish fourth birthday

It's understood Sam and Phoebe Burgess finalised their divorce before Christmas. And on Sunday, Phoebe pulled out all the stops for their daughter Poppy's fourth birthday

Shailene Woodley speaks candidly about dealing with bad sex

“Honesty and transparency are everything”

Co-founder of Cornwall's Eden Project reveals plans for his latest venture

Gillyflower Farm would be based on the site of the former Lostwithiel Golf Course

Viral video captures moment when a reporter is sexually harassed while doing her job live on air

It goes without saying that no person should ever be fearful of sexual harassment while simply trying to do their job. Canadian local broadcast journalist Krista Sharpe has shared a video of her experience being ‘videobombed’ during a live segment, leading to a flurry of support from thousands. The video features Krista speaking live on air for local network CTV Kitchener, when a passing car deems it appropriate to interrupt her by yelling an...

Dating during lockdown - is all lost trying to get to know someone during a pandemic?

Are all hopes lost for 2021?

Observer sudoku

Click here to access the print version. Fill the grid using the numbers 1 to 9. Each number must appear just once in every row, column and 3x3 box. Buy next week’s Observer Digital Edition to see the completed puzzle.

'The 4 things I'd tell every new mum about returning to work after a baby.'

I went back to work slightly earlier than I originally planned (thanks COVID), when my son was nine months old. I think I was ready in some ways. It was my first maternity leave, so I'll never know if lockdown fast-tracked my desire to want to get back to work, simply to escape the four walls of my house, or if ... Continued

Games we’re looking forward to in 2021

The pandemic has devastated much of the entertainment industry, but one market remains in good health: video games. Last year saw the release of tentpole game like The Last of Us, Part II, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Cyberpunk 2077, plus a litany of great indies, including underworld battler Hades and Irish visual novel If Found. The New Year begins at the crest of a new console generation – with the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S having...

Now for the nudes: thousands turn to online life drawing

Sam Cowley, 41, had just come out of rehab for alcohol addiction when lockdown was imposed in March. He was sitting alone in a room in a dry house in Essex, contemplating how he’d lost his wife, children, job and house, when he came across a life-drawing class online. He decided to give it a go and hasn’t looked back. “I did my first class and I felt a warmth and excitement. For an addict, being on your own is a hard thing. I did that session...

Rebel Wilson looks stunning in dressing gown selfie as she remarks on weight loss

Rebel Wilson took to Instagram to share a stunning photo of herself wearing a dressing gown as she remarked on weight loss

Hours spent daydreaming about future plans are valuable

Teddy Johnson has a clear fantasy for what he’s going to do the day the pandemic is “over” – whatever that day might look like, and whenever it may be. He’s banking on the day being sunny, perhaps the temperature of early summer. “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” by Whitney Houston will be playing everywhere – on the streets of New York City, where he lives; on the subway; and definitely in the club where Johnson will gather with all...

Covid has made our family a talking point – and cured me of Twitter

There are few consolations to Covid, but it is at least interesting having a celebrity disease. We’ve become objects of fascination to friends and family who’ve not yet had it, and who’ve taken to quizzing us on our symptoms as if they’re small-town yokels who’ve heard we’re in Disneyland. One small mercy of Covid’s lethargy is that it has reduced – though not ceased – my Twitter use, since focusing on backlit screens has been taxing, and it’s...

How hotels will change post-Covid from check-in and buffets to in-room cleaning

EXCLUSIVE Hotel insiders share how hotels will change post Covid including check-in, room cleaning, and what it means for the beloved breakfast buffet

Rebel Wilson's personal trainer Jono Castano gets tattoo on his back

Jono Castano treated himself to some new ink on Sunday.

20 things to know about celiac disease

One out of every 100 people in the world suffer from celiac disease. This serious autoimmune disorder affects a person’s diet—more specifically, their ability to ingest gluten. What are the symptoms of the disease? How is it treated? Which foods are to be avoided, and which ones are recommended for people with celiac disease? Read on to find out.

Kate Middleton and Prince William welcome new addition to family – see photos

Kate Middleton and Prince William have welcomed a new addition to the family. The Cambridges, including Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, lost their dog Lupo in 2020

Susanna Reid's heartbreaking battle with mum guilt and fears over sons leaving home

Good Morning Britain star Susanna Reid is mum to three sons and she's admitted struggling with feelings of guilt for not being around more when they were small. She's also starting to feel anxious about her boys leaving home as they start going to university

Geri Horner Talks Grazia Through Her Unique Style And Her Ultimate Fashion Icon

Grazia gets the exclusive first look at Geri's latest Rainbow Woman YouTube episode

The cloffice trend is all over Instagram – could it revolutionize your WFH space?

Move over, alcove home offices: the cloffice, or desk-in-closet, is the new wfh trend everyone's talking about

Where’s Cookie? Stars help in Epping Forest hunt for runaway whippet

Thermal drones, K9 tracker dogs, stake-outs and desperate pleas from Pixie Lott, Jennifer Saunders and Anita Rani: the hunt for Cookie the whippet – lost in Epping Forest since November – is gathering pace. The 18-month-old sighthound went missing eight weeks ago in the 6,000-acre forest, after spotting a herd of deer and chasing after her quarry at 30mph. Wearing a distinctive black dog-fleece jumper, she has since been sighted frequently all...

Brooklyn Beckham reveals new neck tattoo of love letter from fiancé Nicola Peltz

"Just know we can get through it all together if you breathe slow and trust."

This abandoned clockmaker's house is full of treasure

Frozen in time, take a tour of this abandoned New Jersey house brimming with antiques, clocks and curios

Top countries to retire to in 2021

The ultimate retirement destinations for people looking to move for their golden years.

This HARDCORE Dwayne Johnson Baywatch full body workout will build rock solid arms (and legs)

Dwayne Johnson got even MORE shredded for Baywatch and you will too if you follow his gruelling workout plan

Paris Hilton reveals wedding plans

Best celebrity masks to inspire your COVID-19 fashion

In the midst of a challenging time for everyone, silver linings are extra important to hold onto. One highlight of the pandemic has been seeing how people express themselves in a beautiful new way: through their masks! From making powerful statements to simply having fun, these celebrities sure know how to accessorize.

In the quietest times, the garden consoles

Spring shoots, like a dead man’s hand. The first narcissi have broken through their winter grave. A pot full of fingers, reaching for the future. Hope is buried here. My first bulbs were hyacinths, dangling over water in clear glass, a gift for mothers from primary school. Blue for boys, pink for girls. Much later I grew amaryllis. We don’t have indoor plants any more, but there was once a living-room glade of fig and yucca. My daughter Kala has...

Princess Diana's brother shares a rare portrait of their mother on Instagram

Comparisons have been drawn to a young Princess Diana

From That Kevin Date To The Shaman, Kelly Mi Li Answers Your Burning Bling Empire Questions

“Yes, absolutely it was real,” Bling Empire’s Kelly Mi Li told Refinery29, officially stepping in the shoes of a reality star on a press day. No sentence is more necessary for someone who has allowed prying eyes into their life via a Netflix docusoap. In this case, Mi Li was playfully defending the veracity of her Bling Empire date with Kevin Kreider, the oft-shirtless male model who pines for her over much of season 1, following Mi Li’s...

15 canceled video game movies we never got to see

The video game movies that ran out of lives before they made it to the big screen

7 times royals had to make last-minute changes at their weddings

As Princess Beatrice planned a last-minute royal wedding in Windsor, HELLO! looks at other royals who have made changes at their nuptials

Sustainable tricks that will make you a better gardener

If you're reading this, then chances are you have a garden or simply love gardening. Humans have been working the land for millennia, and we seem to get pleasure from it to this day. There's just something about being in contact with nature, planting our own food, and caring for plants that hook us to gardening. If you're a budding gardener, surely there are some things you might not know just yet. But don't worry: after reading this gallery, we assure you that you'll have plenty of new things to try! Click through and discover the secrets every gardener needs to know.

HOROSCOPES: Conquering fears and making amends. The week ahead according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning January 24. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook. Why so serious, Aries? Friday’s full Moon encourages you to reconnect with your inner child. Humour can light up our darkest hours. So, even if it feels odd, try to see the funny side ... Continued

Greatest Showman Workout: Sweat and Sing Along for a Mood-Boosting Cardio Session

It's everything you ever want, everything you ever need

Star Wars unveils Valentine's Day Funko POP!s

Let Yoda be your Valentine.

Princess Diana's mother's holiday home for Prince William and Harry revealed

Princess Diana's mother Frances Shand Kydd house: a tour of Ladywell House, where Prince William and Prince Harry often stayed.

Coleen Nolan, 55, worries she's 'a bit too old' for 47-year-old new man

Coleen Nolan has said she has worries that she's "a bit too old" for her boyfriend eight years her junior. The 55-year-old shared last year that she had started seeing someone new and has kept his identity a secret, but had now divulged her concerns about the age gap with the 47-year-old. "I've had this discussion with the man I'm seeing, he's 47 and I'm 55 and, although there are only eight years between us, I have moments of worrying I’m a bit...

Kendrick Lamar to release new music 'soon'

Kendrick Lamar will release new music “soon” according to Punch, the president of his record label, Top Dawg Entertainment.

Beautiful photos of canals around the world

Cities criss-crossed by waterways and pretty bridges are often considered extremely romantic. Think Venice or Bruges: Perfect destinations for enjoying a boat ride and exploring a city from a new angle. Here are some superb photos of canals from across the globe.

James Harden’s controversies: nightclubs, sponsors, and Khloe Kardashian

Cleaning obsessed mum has banned her family from using the shower

A cleaning-obsessed mum who cleans her house every day for five hours and has banned her family from using the shower has revealed what her gruelling daily schedule looks like.

HEALTH NOTES: Going grey? Blame it on your ethnicity

The age we go grey depends on our ethnicity, according to researchers from Boston University in the US.

Baby leaves are a joy to grow – and good to eat

I am forever getting into trouble with gardening’s gatekeepers. To date, perhaps the most surprising instance was the really quite lively backlash that occurred when I called gardening “exciting” in an industry talk. According to a flurry of blogposts and social media messages, this was a terrible, even irresponsible, word choice. Gardening apparently is not “exciting”, rather merely “engaging” or “absorbing”. This suggests that, for large parts...

David Arquette wants to say sorry to his daughter

Movie star David Arquette has revealed he wants to apologise to his 16-year-old daughter.

Bare-faced beauty that takes seconds

I’ve always said “no-makeup makeup” is a total swizz. We’re led to believe that it takes 15 seconds to achieve it when the reality is more like 15 steps. However, on this occasion, this model (Balmain SS21) is actually not wearing very much at all. All you need is a powder foundation – the new ones don’t sit in creases, a brow product that makes even overgrown brows look groomed, and a balm for the lips. For anyone who can’t be bothered with a...

Mum-of-three, 25, is widowed after love of her life dies from cancer

To anyone who knew them, Victorian couple Chloe and Peter Cook were the picture of 'happily ever after'. Their world was shattered when Peter lost his battle just 32 days after being diagnosed.